Jackson & Jackson

Daisy Haye Care Home

Ball Heye Road, Leek


Start Date: December 2019

End Date: Ongoing

Value: £350,000+

Project Scope:

Upgrade and reroof flat and pitched roof areas to an 88 room extra care facility.


The scale, age and vulnerable nature of the building has necessitated a complex scaffold project with two stages. It was important that we worked closely with Jackson and Jackson to enable a safe delivery to the working care home.

Stage 1

We needed to erect an entire external perimeter of scaffold – measuring 2,010 linear metres in some areas. The building perimeter is filled with off shots and balconies, so the main working lift was anything from 5-10 boards wide. The run also includes multiple bridges from the lower building, decked areas and greenhouses.

Stage 2

To erect a temporary roof over the existing structure. ACE chose a Layher Keder roof with a rail and roll function to negate any crane usages as the local roads are tight. The total area span for the roof was 16 metres and the overall span including our scaffold is 22 metres. The area the roof covered in total was a huge 5,227m2 or ¾ the area of a football pitch.